Saturday, October 20, 2007


mmmmmmm, gottem fooled again

yeah it's old news but it needs to be said, thanks larry !!! never really were a board builder yourself so no biggie to sell em down the river eh? did you tell Ernie Higgins tough shit? sure he has the license and he can still build customs. your dead to us . go ffff yourself larry

  • Skill level: Beginner/Novice to Intermediate
  • Approx. Age: 14 & up
  • Weight: 140-225 lbs. ------------ boy low volume or high what a vesitile board
  • Surf Conditions: 2' - 6' surf


  • Great Color & awesome graphics -- -- you and all your friends can have the exact same graffics
  • 1st quality Australian polyurethane foam blank computer cut & hand finished with laminate hardwood stringer; American-made polyester resin and fiberglass construction ---- ever wonder why resin is getting so expensive over here?